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Securing your business in the office and the cloud


ITinDemand offers four basic Cybersecurity strategies that when combined, create a highly effective Cyber Safe environment.

CyberSecurity Tech

Software/hardware solutions to keep your information secure in-office or at home.

CyberSecurity Policy

Customized guidelines and protocols designed to keep your unique business safe from foreign infiltration.

CyberSecurity Insurance

Protection in the unlikely event that the impossible happens.

CyberSecurity Education

A knowledgeable employee knows how not to put a company’s information at risk. 

ITinDemand offers enterprise-class security without breaking the bank, securing your business in the office, home office, and the cloud.

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Cyber Security is more that just technology but it is certainly the most critical part. ITinDemand takes a multi-layered approach to security through a combination of various hardware and software solutions.

These solutions are selected based on the findings of our initial environmental asset and security audit. This audit allows ITinDemand to made educated recommendations for your business rather than “the same as everyone else approach”. Every business is different therefore and we take that into consideration.



ITinDemand has partnered with key legal advisors to help develop company and employee policies catered to your business’ needs

  • We will evaluate the client’s current cybersecurity practices to ensure compliance with state laws and assess whether the client is exempt, if applicable.
  • Compliance is crucial to protect consumer personal information and to avoid fines and penalties for violation of the law. We will help you draft Cybersecurity Policies tailored to comply with the state laws in states which the client practices in.
  • Each state that has adopted the NAIC model law requires a cybersecurity policy which outlines the company’s cybersecurity program and protocols.
  • Annually file a Certification of Compliance which attests that your company complies with the law.


What is Security Awareness Training & Why Do I Need It?

Although businesses may feel their employees wouldn’t be fooled by something like a phishing scam, cybercriminals still use this attack method because it continues to be successful. In fact, the 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations report revealed that 93% of successful security breaches start with phishing.

With regular training for employees that includes phishing simulations, courses on IT and security best practices, and data protection and compliance training, businesses can significantly reduce risk, decrease infections and related help desk costs, protect their reputation by experiencing fewer breaches, and secure their overall cybersecurity investment.


So you have taken all the steps to secure your environment. You are compliant will all industry standards and your employees are now better prepared to work with a cyber secure mindset. What if disaster strikes? Are you covered?

Make sure you are and get more that just insurance. Get integrated insurance.

ITinDemand has partnered with an A+ rated insurance carrier to be able to provide proactive coverage. What is proactive coverage?

Pick your coverage level and rest assured you have a second set of eyes on your security. With third-party breach alerts, dark web monitoring, and a 24/7 breach hotline … All integrated back to ITinDemand’s Support Help Desk.

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